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The process of getting "Telling it to the Moon" to its final form as a printed, hardcover book, has been a long one. For the final push to make this book a reality, a Kickstarter campaign was created to help with the final printing costs. It was an overwhelming success, with people from around the globe contributing. Many thanks to the following for backing the campaign:

Nathan Adams

Allison Arokae

Neha Bawa

Jenna Beaucage

Sandee and Frank Beaman

Nathan Beason

Romie Behr

Becky Benishek

Rachel, Dan, and Annabel Benn

Lourdes Bonillas

Ben Brummerhop

Susan Buonocore

Mike Campbell

William Catchpole

Michael Christensen

Serene Conneeley

Rachel D'Ausilio

Romi Dames and Jared Grager

Jessica DeBruin

Casey F. Dehlinger

Steffi Diem

Noreen Doney

C.E. Downes​

Sandra Escalante

Jill Galsterer

​Dr. Victor and Mrs. Angela Ganata

​Ilene Graff and Ben Lanzarone

Colin J. Greene

Margo Gregor

Ted Hahn

Summer Hamille

Patryk Hall

Dallas Holloway

Nita Hunter

Iris Hutchings

Gavin Keese

Natalie Keezer

April Kemen

Ann Klimas

Carrie Anne Krall-Hermosillo

Zuzana Miyahara Kratka

Frank J. Kumosz III

Kammy Kupkake

Dena Lieberman

Neil Madramootoo

Jennie Martel and Michael Benner

Sara McMullin

Carrie Mercado

Debi Morton

Kate Motzenbacker​​​

​James P. Nettum

Torrey Nichols

Brian Nielsen

Kevin Ochs

Nancy Dobbs Owen

Alexandra Pereira

Joni Phillipps

The Rodgers Family

Karl E. Richter


James and Annette Ruffalo

Bryan and Megan Scheidler

Cynthia Schultz

Sandra Scott

Melissa Selzer

Judy Smith

Michael Jonathan Smith

Mu Sun

Dr. Susan Whitworth Tait 

Dr. William Stephen Tait

Stephen Tenney

Jenny Toutant

Eric Vidal

Wantoot Modern American Art and Craft Gallery of Mineral Point, WI

Jay and Melissa Warner

Aaron Wood

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