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A framed, signed, numbered, and remarked black and white print of "Telling it to the Moon Part II" by Brian Carroll, from the story of the same name from the Telling it to the Moon book by L. Stephanie Tait.


Remarking is when the illustrator hand-draws a unique addition on the print, making the whole piece an original piece of artwork. Brian Carroll hand-drew Ran the Elder's magic harp by his signature (see pictures above).


Size 11x14


Only one available.


All stories, excerpts, and images (including all photographs) associated with this book (which includes those on this website) are copyrighted to Verthandi Press and may not be used, posted, downloaded, displayed, or reprinted without written permission.


For permissions, please email

Framed and Remarked Telling it to the Moon Part II Print

$128.00 Regular Price
$64.00Sale Price
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